Vigodex Tablet

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Effective for Nervous and Sexual debility
& the weakness of vital organs

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Product Description

Vigodex tablet is a research-based formulation with the combination of some precious natural herbs and biological ingredients, combinedly effective as sexual and nervine tonic & the weakness of vital organs. Ambra grasea contains ambrein 85% balsamic extractive and ash. It is stimulant, antiseptic and antispasmodic, used in general weakness, spasms and nervous debility. Momiyaee contains ichthyal, benzoic acid and benzoates. Benzoic acid and benzoate are main active principles of Momiyaee from the therapeutic point of view. Iron, Magnesia, Potash, Chloride, Phosphoric acid, Nitrogen are also present in Momiyaee combinedly they are very much effective in sexual weakness and spermatorrhoea. Pistacia lentiscus contains tannin, resin and essential oil, which act as stimulant & diuretic. Mytilus margaritiferus contains lime oxide, iron, copper and silver. Silver is highly stimulant, tonic for sperm secretion and hormone; and it has aphrodisiac action. It is also used in Spermatorrhoea and impotency. Delphinine, Staphisagrine, Delpho-wrarine of Delphinium denudatum used as a tonic in diseases of heart and brain, it decreases spermatorrhoea and weakness of genital organs.


Each tablet contains

Ambra grasea 1.40 mg
Momiyaee 20.74 mg
Pistacia lentiscus 9.33 mg
Mytilus margaritiferus 18.65 mg
Delphinium denudatum 18.65 mg
and other ingredients.


Vigodex effective for nervous & sexual debility.
Vigodex relieves mental depression.
Vigodex strengthens the vital organs.
Vigodex increases retentive power.
Vigodex maintains youthful vigor and freshness.

1 tablet 2 times daily to be taken with milk/water or as directed by the physician.

Side Effects:

No significant side effect has been observed.


There is no known Contraindication.


Recommended for adults only.


Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light.


10×2 film coated tablets blister box.

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